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SwissQM is a stack-based Virtual Machine for wireless sensor networks. It was created at the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich. SwissQM is an acronym for Scalable Wireless Sensor Query Machine.

SwissQM Overview

SwissQM defines a bytecode instruction set that is independent of sensor platforms and application languages. Traditionally, sensor networks are programmed using low-level languages such as nesC on systems such as TinyOS. This is, in general, difficult because the programmer needs to take care of many low-level details, that even vary between different platforms.
Creating bytecode rather than nesC code increases the abstraction level of programming sensor networks. In combination with a gateway system that accepts programs and queries written in a high-level language and translates them into bytecode, programming of sensor networks can further be simplified.
SwissQM is a flexible platform for programming sensor networks and data acquisition tasks. SwissQM allows:

Sensor Node Platforms

SwissQM Version 2.0.0 Download (June 2nd 2008)


Available for download are the SwissQM virtual machine running on the sensor nodes and a gateway software for using SwissQM without having to program in bytecode.

SwissQM Version 1.0 Download




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